Big Carp | Winning recipes
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Winning recipes

Winning recipes shown below for each of our mixes

“These are my own personal recipes and those of the Team Big Carp and my friends. . These are proven recipes using the very best mixes, additives, flavours and attractors and I am totally confident recommending these recipes to you.”…John Llewellyn

Note 1: The flavour levels shown are for 5 large eggs, which will take approximately 600g of mix, depending on the size of the eggs.  Always add your mix to the eggs little by little, until you achieve the correct consistency for rolling.

Note 2: You can increase the attraction and nutritional value of your boilies by including various additives to your recipe, such as: BHA, Bioextract, CSL, Krill Extract, Rasta oil…. 

Note 3: These recipes have proven their effectiveness and have caught carp from a wide variety of waters.  However, it’s worth experimenting with your own combinations.  Stick to the advised dosage levels and experiment, you may well find your own personal winning recipe.

Note 4: L’Alourdisseur (Heavy bait additive) can be included in any of these recipes at 10-15%.  This makes your boilies heavy and dense which is ideal for ground baiting at long range and for river fishing

Note 5: Preserving your boilies: I prefer to leave my boilies to dry for 24h and then either use them immediately, or seal in plastic bags and put them in the freezer. In warm weather conditions, when I want to ensure the freshness of my boilies for a week , I leave them to dry for 72h.  Be careful to keep them in either a paper bag, a cardboard box, or a drying mesh open to the air.  Avoid plastic bags which make the boilies sweat, causing them to deteriorate quickly

When I need to preserve my baits for longer periods, I still dry them for 72h and I add Conservabait to the eggs.  For a sessionn of 1 to 2 weeks I add 3ml Conservabait per egg.  To keep them for a month or two, I use 5ml per egg.  Remember that it is essential to dry the baits properly in a clean, dry environment and preferably in the dark.

Here are some tips and advice about using CONSERVABAIT

PERFECT BOILIE MIX/PBM: a high energy, nutritious mix that is great on its own and also makes a superb base for combining with other additives and concentrates to make a fantastic birdfood, or fishmeal bait.

BIOMIX SHELLFISH: the ultimate fishmeal base mix that will catch carp anywhere and at any time of year.

TASTE MIX: a mix with a distinctive smell and taste that is an excellent alternative to standard fish meal and meat mixes.  Works instantly without pre-baiting and is a truly winning formula all year round. Flavours particularly recommended with the Taste Mix are  TM1, Mega Salmon and D88.

BIRDFOOD HNV365: this high energy, creamy birdfood mix is much more than a standard birdfood mix.  Combines perfectly with fruity and creamy flavours like Fruit Bomb, TM1, Cannon Juice and Maple Cream. Exceptional at any time of year and an excellent choice as a cold water base mix, for which it was originally designed.

HYDRO: the Hydro has a taste and a nutritional profile that is unique and completely different to any other base mix. Combines perfectly with savoury flavours like the D88 and Mega Salmon and once they get a taste for this one they will search around for every last one.  Big fish in particular love this bait.

RAPIDO: a high attract fish meal mix bursting with soluble, hydrolysed marine extracts that draw the fish in from a long way.  proteins.  Use with a low level of any of the Big Carp flavours combined with one of our Bingo! products for a superb high attract bait.

SUPER SPICE: carp react instantly to the rich, creamy & spicy  taste and smell of this unique, high energy, nutritious mix. A mix to use with total confidence at any time of year and excellent for a winter bait.


POP-UPS:  it’s easy to make perfect pop-ups and balanced wafters with the Pratique Pop-Up Mix. Pop-Ups made with this mix are extremely bouyant, hard, attractive and they stay bouyant a very long time. Buoyancy of Wafters can easily be adjusted to make balanced hook baits that sink slowly just with the weight of the hook.