Big Carp | Who Are Big Carp?
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Who Are Big Carp?

Introduction to Big Carp by John Llewellyn

John with the fantastic Bruno at 52lb4oz from Dinton Pastures

John with the fantastic Bruno at 52lb4oz from Dinton Pastures

My company Big Carp is based near Reading in Berkshire.  We have been selling Big Carp bait, rods and tackle for over 27 years concentrating our efforts in France, Italy and Belgium where we have a firmly established base of retail shops. The brand Big Carp is firmly established across Europe and I am extremely proud of our reputation for top quality products that are excellent value for money.  I work from my office at the warehouse where I keep in touch with our customers, oversee production, organize the marketing and manage the stock.

In the UK we roll fresh bait to order with a choice of 4 fantastic baits, rolled in sizes from 10mm to 30mm and with all the associated hook baits, dips, stick mixes etc that you would expect. Fresh, top quality bait rolled exactly as you want it and delivered on the day you want it.   



John Baker blending flavours in his bait shed

Bait specialist John Baker is a good friend and lives only 5 minutes from me, so it made sense to talk about baits for Big Carp with John. We decided to combine our ideas and develop a small range of base mixes and top quality flavours based on Johns own flavours. We don’t skimp on any aspect of bait and Big Carp baits rightly have a fantastic reputation as carp catchers from waters right across europe: from big european rivers like the Seine and Moselle, to huge continental lakes like St.Cassien and Orient, to hard, pressured lakes in the UK like Dinton Pastures.

Adam rolling Balanced hook baits

Adam rolling Balanced hook baits

We roll all our own hook baits, pop-ups, wafters etc and boilies are rolled to order in our warehouse. This way we can ensure consistency and freshness and I personally keep a close eye on every aspect of production. Our baits are unique to us and you won’t find any better quality bait available anywhere. We can make fresh, stabilized or shelf-life baits in sizes from 10mm to 30mm with extra hard hook baits if required, pop-ups, Wafters, glug etc….everything you need and made exactly as you want.

The  TM1, Krill, Fruit Bomb Salmon and the new Esterberry are exceptional baits. These are the baits we use and if you want to use the very best bait available then get on one of these.

Click here for details 4 Fantastic bait recipes


John with Steve Harrison talking blanks, rods and hi-tech materials

John with Steve Harrison talking blanks, rods and hi-tech materials

I knew Steve Harrison was the man for rods. His reputation as a blank designer and rod builder is second to none, so I went to see Steve. Our Mirage and XLR range of Big Carp rods are based on superb Harrison blanks that are extremely slim, light and responsive.  These blanks are built exclusively for Big Carp by Harrisons and are only available from us. The Mirage rods are 12′ or 12’6″ and they are available in a 3½lb and ULR (Ultra Long Range) version. The feel and playing action of these rods is fantastic. I love these rods and I have 2 sets that I use for all my carp fishing : the 12′ 3lb and the 12’6″ ULR.

We also have a lovely 10ft rod, the Mirage Duel and the specialist long range XLR range developed with Terry Edmonds.

I met Terry through Steve Harrison. Terry had been helping Steve with the development of a range of beach casters and the awesome Trebuchet and I was keen to improve my casting. Terry’s an experienced angler and an awesome caster. His input in the design and concept stage of the new XLR was invaluable and we named the rod after Terry, the XLR TE200 (Xtreme Long Range Terry Edmonds 200) because Terry can put a lead over 200yds with it – a fantastic rod and awesome casting. We based the XLR Spod rod on the same technology and design.  We have just finished development on a new version of the XLR TE200, a J curve version with a softer tip and more powerful mid and butt section.  A superb casting rod with a softer tip that is ideal for lighter lines and will really appeal to the competition anglers – fantastic power to cast a rig to extreme range and the suppleness to play fish with light lines and smaller hooks.  

The Big Carp Team

We are a small team of very experienced, well known carp anglers in England including myself, John Baker, Mark Watson, Ray ‘Geordie’ Pulford as well as several other well known carp anglers. We also have a dedicated team of some of Europe’s most experienced carp anglers in Italy, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and Belgium. These anglers write regularly in the specialist carp magazines and their input in development of new items has been invaluable. They have all got their own blogs which you can link to via the Team section, so have a look at what they are up to and the monsters they are catching.

I am fortunate to have all these very experienced anglers as my friends and together they make up a truly awesome Team.