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UK Bait Recipes

4 Proven Recipes. Instant Attraction. Long Term Effectiveness

Fresh, top quality ingredients and some of the best ever carp catching flavours


  • Esterberry – NEW for 2017: complexe combination of sweet, fruit esters, aroma compounds and N-Butyric acid
  • TM1: intense creamy, caramel flavour combined with a unique base mix
  • Krill: power packed Krill bait with an incredible taste and smell of fresh Krill
  • Fruit Bomb Salmon: the Ultimate Fishmeal bait with fruit and fish flavours

    We make a complete range of products for each of these bait recipes: boilies in different sizes (10mm-30mm), pop-ups, wafters, glugs, paste, stick mix, fluopops…  Baits are rolled to order so we can make the baits exactly to your requirements. 

We are updating our Webshop at the moment. In the meantime and until it’s ready, you can order by emailing John Llewellyn at 

ESTERBERRY RANGE WEBEsterberry: our unique complex of sweet, fruity esters, aroma compounds and N-Butyric acid on an HNV Nutty base mix

The pineapple and N-Butyric acid combination is well known and has been used effectively for many years. We have taken this a big step further by combining our unique complex of sweet, fruity esters and aroma compounds with N-Butyric acid. The resulting flavour has a powerful, rich, deep smell and taste of ripe fruit with a top note of pineapple. This really is an exceptional flavour which has instant attraction and used at the right level, and in the right base mix, will keep the carp coming back time after time.

We decided on an HNV nutty base mix which combines perfectly with the Esterberry flavour. This mix contains high quality ingredients including our crunchy yellow bird food, yeast, full fat soya flour, selected cereals and carbohydrates, taste enhancers and two superb nut meals, including a good dose of Tiger nut meal.  The HNV Nutty mix provides an attractive, nutritious, digestible ‘food source’ with potent natural feeding triggers. Finally, we’ve added Yeast extract and Hemp oil for the extra attraction and food value. The resulting bait is an instantly attractive ‘food’ bait that is effective all year round.

Esterberry is less ‘rich’ than the Krill or TM1 but still provides an excellent food source and contains the important feeding triggers and nutrition that keep the carp coming back for more.

Outstanding results during testing have shown that the Esterberry is a great choice when used on a tightly baited spot, as with a spread baiting pattern. And it is equally effective as an ‘instant’ bait for short sessions on highly pressured day ticket and circuit waters, as for targeting specimen sized carp on holiday venues and for longer campaigns after big fish.

TM1 rangeWEBTM1: intense creamy, caramel flavour combined with a unique base mix.

Based on John Baker’s exceptional TM1 flavour (The Milky One), which has an intense, creamy caramel smell and taste.  We’ve combined the TM1 with a touch of our stunning Maple Cream, a combination of a lovely rich, cream flavour and natural maple extracts containing Fenugreek.  The Birdfood 365 base mix contains soya-proteins, yeast, cereals, a stunning aromatic bird food, seeds, vegetable extracts, egg and milk proteins and our own special enhancer. This really is a bait with a difference and a fantastic alternative to fish meal and meat meal baits with a very distinctive smell and taste. Instantly attractive to carp, the TM1 is effective all year round and the perfect choice for cold water conditions in the winter and early spring.




Krill rangeWEBKrill: power packed Krill bait with an incredible taste and smell of fresh Krill

Exceptional Krill base mix containing fresh Antartic krill, a blend of highly digestible fish meals, top quality milk proteins, hydrolysed fish proteins and our stunning hydrolysed Krill extract. The base mix also contains cereals, yeast, milk powders, vegetable extracts and egg protein, all at optimum levels. Full of soluble peptides, free amino acids and ribonucleotides, this is an exceptional bait that carp will pick up the first time they come across it and keep searching for until they have found every last one – including the one attached to your hook! There simply isn’t another Krill bait like this one and once you’ve experienced the incredible taste and smell of this bait you will understand why.






FBS WEBFruit Bomb/Salmon: The Ultimate Fishmeal bait with fruit & fish flavours

Fruit Bomb and Mega Salmon are two of my all-time favourite flavours. Combine these with the exceptional BioMix Shellfish, hydrolysed Krill extract, fish proteins and fresh salmon oil, and the resulting bait screams ‘FOOD’ to carp and is a superb bait that will catch anywhere.  The base mix contains a blend of highly digestible fish meals, Antartic krill, top quality milk proteins and hydrolysed fish protein extracts. Other active ingredients include: carefully selected milk and vegetable protein, seeds and egg protein, cereals and yeast. A fantastic nutritional and attractor package and a truly exceptional bait.