Big Carp | Tiger line
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Tiger line

I use fluorocarbon mainline which sinks to the bottom .

Big Carp Tiger Line

Hi-tech fluorocarbon carp line

Big Carp Tiger line has been extensively tested in all conditions by a number of well-known anglers, both in the UK and abroad. An impressive number of huge carp have been landed on this line from very weedy and snaggy waters. Tiger Line is a true 100% fluorocarbon line that is virtually invisible in water. Unlike many other fluorocarbons, it is a ‘multi-directional polymer’ providing exceptional abrasion resistance and knot strength. Like all true fluorocarbon lines, the new Big Carp Tiger line resists deterioration in sunlight, making it hard wearing, long lasting and good value for money.

UK casting expert Terry Edmonds says: “for a fluorocarbon this Big Carp Tiger line casts brilliantly. It’s very low stretch and excellent abrasion resistance makes it an ideal compromise for long-range fishing. As far as I am concerned, you won’t find a better long range fishing line. I help many anglers improve their casting and I recommend Tiger Line to all the anglers I teach”.

Why does Big Carp Tiger Line stand head and shoulders above the rest?

  • Much easier and smoother to cast than other fluorocarbon lines
  • Very low stretch – greater sensitivity with more control and ‘feel’
  • Sinks quickly and completely – improving bait presentation and helps prevent spooking fish
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance in weed, snags and over gravel and stones
  • Excellent knot strength with a wide variety of knot options

Tiger line is available in 250m and large 1000m spools.