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Terry Edmonds

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UK PB 49.8lb

French PB 44lb

I started angling 37 years ago on the canals in London fishing with my Dad for anything that swims. My fishing journey then took me to Somerset where I turned to sea fishing again spending quality time with my Dad.

My first serious fishing targeting a certain species was Tench fishing at the famous Silver End pit, from that I turned to carp fishing which I have been doing for 25 years, but being a true angler, Im happy fishing for all species.

My Carp fishing now is about personal targets, and to enjoy the experience. Getting away from the competitive side and enjoying the challenge me against the fish. 

In amongst my fishing career I have been sponsored by a few companies mainly due to my ability to fish/cast at long range. I have cast 3 UK records in the past and some of the biggest fixed spool casts recorded. I have also been involved in the development of many long range fishing items, especially rods and am currently sponsored by Harrison Rods.

My Casting tuitions are held all around UK and Europe, I have a huge passion for distance casting and spend a lot of time doing this.

My challenge now is to beat my UK common PB but more importantly enjoy everything I do.




Terry Edmonds