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Team & Blogs

The Big Carp Team is a small group of very experienced carp anglers from England, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Czech. On this web site you will find a wealth of information, written and regularly updated by the Big Carp Team.

Check out our international teams below.


The Big Carp Team in France is made up of 7 very experienced, passionate carp anglers that catch loads of great big carp, real whackers from every possible type of water from pressurised circuit type waters, to huge mountain lakes and big rivers like the Seine and Moselle. The Team help with testing and developing new products and the promotion of Big Carp via magazine articles, open days, shows and demonstrations on the bank. They are all very experienced anglers with a wealth of knowledge to share with other carp anglers.

team france


There are 6 members in the Big Carp Team in Italy. All are experienced carp anglers with plenty of big fish to their names. 4 of them have been in the Team for many years and this year we have 2 new Fieldtesters in our Team. Velko Ventucci lives near Rome. Velko is a larger than life character and is extremely well known in Italy. He writes regularly for italian carp magazine Tutto Carpa.

Fabrizio ……………

Nicola Pasqualato…………..

team italy


John Llewellyn and John Baker have been carp fishing for around 50 years and they are joined in the English Big Carp Team by a group of very experienced carp anglers. Find out more about them by following this link. 

team england


Information coming shortly for the Belgian Team members, Arnaud and Benoit Bruneau, RUdi Millecamps, Dimitry Cuvelier and Nicolas Scournaux

team belgium


Big Carp Team Spain, David Morcillo and Raul Lopez Ayala

team spain


Information coming shortly

team czech