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Big Carp Rods

The cutting edge of blank design, material technology, casting performance and feel.

Big Carp blanks are manufactured exclusively by Harrison Advanced Rods for Big Carp Ltd and our rods are hand built in the Harrisons factory. 

Our rods are available from stock and can also be Custom built to order.



The perfect combination of power and playing action, with a lovely action and classy look.

Matt carbon finish with black whipping and tipped with silver & red.  Kigan 3D rings and Fuji reel seat.  

The standard Mirage is 12ft6″ long and available in a 3.5lb or ULR version.  The ULR is slightly more powerful and will cast a long way whilst retaining the suppleness through the tip and mid-section to make it a lovely playing rod.

Terry Edmonds smashing it out to the horizon

Terry Edmonds smashing it out to the horizon


Designed by Steve Harrison using the latest, cutting edge technology and developed in conjunction with the awesome casting skills and experience of Terry Edmonds,  the XLR TE200 is a superb compromise between power and feel. 

We brought out the original XLR TE200 5 years ago when I asked Terry and Steve if we could develop a rod with the power to cast over 200yds but retain a lovely all through action.  The result was the TE200 which has a C curve action and power in the tip which makes it ideal for all types of fishing where extra power is needed.


NEW XLR TE200 J Curve


Last year we started working on a new version of the TE200.  A rod with the power in the mid section and butt to send a PVA bag rig out to the horizon but the softness in the tip to be able to use lighter lines and smaller hooks.  The result is the XLR TE200 J Curve.  This rod has a lovely light feel and a softer tip but retains the power where it’s needed.  The action is progressive from the tip and through the mid-section and for a powerful rod it is a delight to play fish on.  This rod is ideal for competition anglers when the more forgiving tip and the extra yards can make all the difference.

The XLRs are 13ft as standard. Matt carbon finish, 50mm Kigan 3D ring set, Fuji reel seat, abbreviated handle, black whipping and silver & red tipping come as standard. 

Both versions of the XLR can be Custom built to order and are also available in a Custom 12ft6″ version.


The 10ft version of our Mirage

This 10ft 2 3/4lb Mirage Duel is light and steely.  It is a real joy to use and the perfect stalking rod with power in the butt and a lovely through action.  

Built as standard with full black shrink, Fuji reel seat and Kigan 3D rings.  Matt carbon finish, black whipping and silver & red tipping.

Mirage Hybrid action

Mirage Hybrid action


Designed to cope with powerful fish and tough conditions. 

This 11ft 4lbsTC rod is powerful but like all our Mirage range, has a forgiving through action.  This rod was a logical development of the Hybrid bait concept which we developed specifically to target carp and catfish.  Standard carp tackle struggles to cope with a big cat and we wanted a rod which would have the power to cope with a massive catfish, yet not be over gunned when playing a carp.  The Mirage Hybrid is a lovely rod to use for carp in rivers and snaggy situations where extra power is needed and will also handle big catfish when needed.  

The Mirage Hybrid is built as standard with a matt carbon finish, Fuji reel seat with extra tightening nut and Kigan 3D rings.  As with our other rods, they are finished with black whipping and silver & red tipping.  A rubber butt makes it easier to apply pressure when needed. 


Designed using the same technology as the XLR TE200.  Light, extremely powerful and easy to use.

The 12ft XLR SPOD is built to the same design as the TE200.  Mat finish, 50mm Kigan 3D ring set, black whipping and silver & red tipping.