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Ray Pulford

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Ray has been carp fishing for 23 years since his early teens, cutting his teeth in the North-East of England. Although an area not known for carp he was lucky enough to live near a water that held a good stamp of carp for the time. He caught carp up to low twenties on simple tactics and learning his trade through snippets of hard earned information from other club members. He joined the Army after leaving school giving him the opportunity to fish for carp all-over the world.

His pioneering spirit saw him travelling to countries as far afield as Romania and South Africa in pursuit of the unknown. He has caught carp from 11 different countries and is just as happy fishing a 2acre pond as he is a 5000acre reservoir. He also held the South African record in 2000 for the largest carp caught on rod and line.

His UK fishing has seen him fish some of the finest history carp waters and he has caught 30lb+ carp from 6 different UK counties. He spent 5 years chasing elusive carp on two no publicity waters so kept a low profile and just enjoyed his fishing. He has written articles for Big Carp Magazine, Carpworld and most recently had a series printed in Advanced Carp Fishing.

Most of his fishing these days is limited to short sessions due to having a challenging career and young family. Due to these constraints he only uses what tackle and bait he has 110% confidence in and has put his faith in Big Carp to provide the quality of bait he wants.