Big Carp | Paste
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Wrap this sticky, hi-attract paste around your hook bait to create a cloud of attraction and a rapid response.
Available in 280g pots in all our PRO boilie recipes. Our Pastes are made from exactly the same recipes as our PRO boilies.

John on Paste

A thin layer of paste wrapped around the hook bait is a killer method. The leak off of attractors and flavours from the paste is highly attractive and ideal for a single hookbait and also in cold water when I am looking for maximum attraction and minimum feed.

A paste wrap on a pop-up can be a fantastic method. The weight of the paste will cause the pop-up to sink to the bottom where it effectively becomes a ‘balanced’ bait. As the paste releases its attractors the hook bait will slowly become more buoyant and eventually float up off the bottom. I’ve caught loads of carp on this method.

If the Paste begins to dry out you can dampen it with a little lake water but better still, dampen with a Food Boost.