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Nutritional Food Baits

John Llewellyn on Nutritional Food Baits

Tippings 39.8 caught last year on the Fruit Bomb Salmon

Tippings 39.8 caught on the Fruit Bomb Salmon

There is no doubt that good quality bait is an essential factor in catching big fish and certainly in catching them consistently. The better the bait, the more the carp want to eat it and the more confidently they feed, making even the most wary of fish easier to catch. Attraction, Taste, Nutrition and Digestibility are all essential elements. Combine all these elements correctly in a carefully formulated bait recipe and you have a bait that has the correct taste profile, is easy to digest and provides a balanced nutritional profile.  A bait that provides all these elements will not only attract the fish and stimulate them to feed but it will also and keep them feeding and looking for more.

To make a fantastic ‘food’ bait that has all these elements it takes: the very best, fresh ingredients, combined in a carefully formulated recipe;  it takes top quality flavours, natural extracts and attractors in proven combinations and at precisely the right levels;  it takes experience and it takes time to get it right, a lot of time. Get it right and you have a nutritional ‘food’ bait that is instantly attractive and ideal for long term baiting – a real winner.

At Big Carp we know how to make good bait. We have been making boilies commercially for more than 25 years and John’s been catching carp for over 45 years, that’s a lot of experience. Carp instantly recognise our baits as good food.  Our baits catch carp, lots of carp and an exceptional number of real whackers.