Big Carp | MONSTER CRAB / BioMix Shellfish
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MONSTER CRAB / BioMix Shellfish

Monster Crab Evolution:

“I didn’t believe it would be possible to improve our classic Monster Crab and BioMix Shellfish recipe.  This bait has caught literally thousands of carp over the years and is a truly exceptional bait.  

However, we have been testing various new combinations over the last few years and the combination of Monster Crab with Mega Salmon has proved to be devastating.  We have also made some small ‘tweaks’ to the base mix with the addition an exciting new taste enahancer/attractor.

The base mix BioMix Shellfish contains a blend of LT fishmeals, Krill, Birdfoods, HPSFE and a balanced blend of attractors and is a superb fishmeal base mix.  This new Monster Crab Evolution bait is highly attractive and exceptional at any time of year”. 

John Llewellyn