Big Carp | Mark Watson
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Mark Watson


MarkWatsonProfileAlthough I enjoy fishing for anything that swims, Carp are my main passion and have been for over 20 years. I’m based in Doncaster which isn’t the greatest area for big Carp so a lot of my time has been spent on the waters such as the Elstow pits, St Ives, The Woolpack and Scout Pit in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.


I’ve been fortunate enough to catch some of the great Carp that live in them and meet many great people along the way. After a year of little fishing followed by a year back on a local pit I’m back on the trail of big Carp and I’m delighted to be part of Big Carp UK.


My current waters are a 200 acre pit which I have fished on and off since 2000 and Monks Pit.