Big Carp | Mark Johnson
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Mark Johnson

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Mark Johnson

Hello guys,

My name is Mark Johnson. I’ve been fishing since the age of 7. It all started on the rivers for me fishing most weekends with my uncle Ted fishing for anything that would nibble our maggots/worms. After that we took to local ponds and lakes where I soon took note of the carp present and after losing a few I got hooked on carp. So I went out and got a set of carp rods and took to carp fishing, started catching carp and never looked back. Going from lake to lake looking for bigger and better.

Then at the age of 22 I found myself being offered a St Ives lakes ticket. Very keen I accepted it and so that’s when big carp fishing started and massive low stock pits got me buzzing! I used to spend as much time as I could just walking and watching the Massive carp that St Ives lakes held before finally fishing them and slowly catching and learning the lakes! I’ve fished all the lakes and had plenty from them all.

I’ve also fished other top waters in the area, such as the famous Woolpack complex, catching black scaley carp along the way. My plans for the future is to continue to fish for proper old scaley carp where ever I can find them and I’ve got plenty on my hit list at this present time that I’m after. 

Be lucky guys, and I hope to see you on the bank sometime.

Mark Johnson