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Krill Extract

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You only have to smell and taste this potent, fresh hydrolysed Krill to know instantly that carp will love it.  It is a powerful liquid food that is bursting with taste and feed stimulants. Sourced by Big Carp directly from the suppliers and made on board huge factory ships in the South Atlantic seas. We have not compromised on the quality of this additive and we believe this is the only concentrated product of its type available.  There is no doubt that this Krill Extract is a phenomenal bait additive and a true ‘super-food’. Its versatility makes it effective in all baits from boilies and pastes to stick and method mixes. In our opinion this product is one of the best natural carp bait additives we have ever come across and we highly recommend it especially in conjunction with fish meal mixes like the BioMix Shellfish, Rapido and Psycho mix. 

It can be diluted with lake water for use in ‘spod’ mixes or in ground bait. Carp love it and this versatile product will enhance any type of bait. 

Dosage: 10-15ml per 5 eggs

Top Tips

Krill Extract makes a superb boilie soak and results on baits soaked in Krill Extract have been fantastic. You can use Krill Extract pure, or blend it 50/50 with Salmon oil. Use 10 – 15ml per kilo of boilies and ideally soak for 24h prior to use. Can also be applied to hook baits, allowing to soak in and then re-applying for maximum effect. 

Krill Extract will not melt P.V.A. and is superb in PVA bags or sticks, creating a powerful rush of attraction and pulling fish in to your baited area.