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John Llewellyn

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I live near Reading in Berkshire with my partner Liz and my daughter Emily who is now 21 years old.

I’m 59 and I’ve been fishing for carp for over 45 years (!). Fishing’s in my blood and I love all sorts of fishing but carp have always been one of my favourite species. I also like fishing my local rivers for barbel and chub and I love walking the banks in the summer, armed with a lure rod and box of lures, fishing for perch, pike and chub.

I spend a lot of time fishing abroad both in France and in Italy and I love the excitement of a big, wild expanse of water or one of the big European rivers.

I am extremely proud of my Big Carp range of products and I am totally confident fishing with my own range whether it’s bait, tackle or rods.

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John Llewellyn