Big Carp | John Llewellyn Big Cat
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John Llewellyn Big Cat

More about John

I’m 59 years old and I am still as mad about fishing as I was as a teenager. I started my company Big Carp Ltd over 25 years ago and I am very proud of the solid reputation we have firmly established across Europe for top quality bait and tackle.


Although I have caught several catfish over the years, including a fish over 80lbs from the river Mincio in Italy whilst doing a carp fishing demo!, they were always caught by accident.  I became interested in specifically targeting cats with bait several years ago whilst fishing the river Rhone in France with well known, German catfish angler Thomas Flauger. We were fishing a wild, under fished section of river and caught loads of nice carp and plenty of catfish. Thomas was surprised how quickly the cats were on to our baits and we began some in-depth discussions about baits designed specifically for cats. That was when the Hybrid bait concept was born and over the years we have tweaked the recipe that has now become the Oily Hybrid bait. This really is a bait designed and formulated specifically for catfish and not simply a carp bait in a bag with a catfish label on the front!

Bait and baiting strategy are one of the important keys to being successful and I am totally confident in my bait which means I can fully concentrate on all the other important aspects of my fishing: location, baiting strategy, presentation, etc…

I’m still as mad about my fishing now as I have always been.  I love fishing for barbel, chub and perch and I often just grab a couple of rods from the garage and go fishing.  It’s in my blood and I love it!

I’m now hooked by the catfish bug as well and hopefully I will get to meet you on the bank sometime.