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HYBRIDS – A completely new and unique bait concept

The Hybrid is a multi-level bait with a hard, cooked exterior (like a boilie) and a soft, soluble paste centre.  The soluble paste begins releasing flavours and attractors as soon as it is in the water, attracting fish immediately.  The hard, cooked exterior is exactly like a boilie, ensuring the durability of the Hybrid bait which will stay intact for at least 15 to 20 hours, depending on small fish or crayfish activity.  The soluble paste releases a cloud of flavors and attractors – colossal attraction.

The Hybrid’s large size makes it ideal for big fish and it’s a great bait for carp, barbel and big chub, as well as being a fantastic bait for catfish.  The Hybrids are based on our fantastic BioMix Shellfish base mix, with added soluble proteins (HPSFE) and Robin Red.  The flavour combination is Monster Crab, Mega Salmon and HDD (an attractor blend of organic acids) which is awesome.  I also add Super Food which is a blend of natural extracts and essences that is bursting with free aminos and Salmon Oil.  Our Psycho range of boilies and hook baits is based on the same combination.

Hybrids are available in 1kg & 2.5kg bags, in pots of 400g of Hybrid Pop-Ups (same size as the Hybrids), Big Ball hook bait nuggets and a Food Boost dip/bait soak which is  the same blend of flavours and attractors used in the Hybrids bait recipe.

Our new range of Psycho boilies are made using from exactly  the same recipe as the Hybrids but using two different mixes to produce a psychedelic bait.  The dark part is exactly the same recipe as the Hybrids being based on the BioMix Shellfish.  The light part is made from the Perfect Boilie mix which is a top quality, high energy boilie mix and using the same flavour/attractor combination.

Development of the Hybrid Concept…story by John Llewellyn

The concept for these new baits first came together when I was fishing the Rhone in France with my good friend Thomas Flauger.  We were having a really good session catching lots of carp and also several nice catfish up to 80lbs, all on large boilies.

Hybrid Food Boost bait dip and glug

Hybrid Food Boost bait dip and glug

As usual, our discussions turned to bait, flavours and attractors.  We both run our own companies and have limited time for fishing.  We don’t fish long sessions and we try to target big fish within the limited time we have available.  This means fishing in the right area and the right spot, of course, but as well as that, the choice of which bait to use and the way to apply it is a very important one.   The ideal bait would combine instant attraction with a bait that would last a long time and target big catfish as well as big carp.

There is no doubt that the solubility of pellets, ground bait and paste make them fantastically attractive. However, they soon break down and these baits are also eaten by every size of fish.  Large boilies are more selective but lack the attraction of the softer baits.   Yes, you can combine the two and bait with a mix of pellets and boilies and this can be a very effective method.  However, a combination of the two seemed the ideal solution and that’s where the idea for the Hybrids first came about.   Our discussions then turned towards the exact recipe to use.  We wanted to put together a bait that combined our best ingredients, flavours and attractors, to produce a fantastic bait that would appeal to both carp and catfish.   The BioShellfish base mix is such a fantastic bait that I suggested this as the base mix without hesitation and for the flavour combination Monster Crab, Mega Salmon and HDD (organic acids) – AWESOME.

The recipe is a proven winner and it was then just a question of sorting out the production procedure of the Hybrids.  After a lot of fiddling about with different production ideas, I finally sorted out an effective, consistent production procedure.  We also weren’t sure of the best size to use.  The bait needed to be big enough to deter unwanted species but not too big.  We spent months experimenting with this.  The first Hybrids I made were huge, 50mm x 100mm (2 inches x 4 inches).  I sent these to Thomas and also to members of his Carp Sounder Team and my own Big Carp Team.  Results were interesting with plenty of good fish caught, including several big cats.  Unsurprisingly, on this size of bait, no small carp were caught but a good number of carp over 15kg (33lb) were landed.  The concept worked and it was just a question of time and testing in real situations on the bank, to sort out the details.  We finally settled on the 30mm x 40mm size.   As well lots of carp and catfish being caught on the Hybrids, I’ve also used them for barbel on my local river Loddon, catching an 8lber and a 5lb chub the first time I tried it!  So, don’t be put off by the size of the bait! Yes, it looks big and it is a mouthful. The advantage is that you won’t be catching small fish which could scare the bigger ones away from the area.  When you get a bite it’s going to be a big fish.  A big barbel, or a big chub has no problems swallowing a Hybrid – they eat a crayfish after all which is a bigger mouthful! The other advantage is that on this type of bait, you don’t get twitch bites!  The fish have to open wide to suck it into their mouth and the bites are real wrap rounds.

I’ll look at rigs for these big baits in a separate article but don’t make the mistake of thinking that a big bait means a big hook. Use the hook size you need to catch the fish you are after.   More importantly, leave a good gap between the bait and the hook, on a longish hair.  For carp I don’t specifically lengthen the hook link but for barbel and chub I go longer – the exact length depends on lots of factors, so you will have to adapt this to your own fishing but for chub and barbel, I would use a hook link at least 18″ long with a Hybrid.  Also, I generally attach a Hybrid sideways on, going through the hard exterior.  This might look odd, but it has proved to be more effective than attaching through the center.  It also prevents the Hybrid being pulled off the hair which could happen if the hair is pulled through the paste center.
I am really excited about this concept as it is completely new and has already proven itself to be very effective both with big carp and with big cats.