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Have a look at the text below about ‘how carp detect and taste their food’ to learn more about this fascinating subject.

Nice-commonCarp detect their food initially via olfaction, detecting dissolved components in the water like amino acids, ribonucleotides etc. They can do this at a considerable distance from the food source, well before they actually eat it.  They use epithelial cells (taste buds) located in the nasal organs and mouth that are highly sensitive to these natural ‘food’ signals.  Then, to determine if the item is really worth eating, it is sucked into their mouth and held it against the incredibly sensitive taste buds that are particularly concentrated in the palatal organ in the roof of the mouth. 

This only takes a split second but in that time the fish can determine the value of the food and decide if it’s worth eating or not.  The item is then either spat out, along with silt, gravel and bits of ‘chod’, or it is sucked back to the throat to be crushed in the pharangeal teeth and swallowed.

There is also a very important third element which is the digestibility and real nutritional value of the bait.  A bait which is attractive and has a good taste will attract the fish and encourage them to feed, BUT if the third element isn’t good then the fish won’t find the nutritional benefit in feeding on that bait and will soon stop feeding on it.  All animals are looking for the best nutritional return for the minimum of energy expended.

A 50lb bar of Italian gold. Grass carp love the Birdfood HNV365 and the Maple Cream/TM1 flavour combination

A 50lb bar of Italian gold. Grass carp love the Birdfood HNV365 and the Maple Cream/TM1 flavour combination

Carp are no exception and if you give them a bait that fulfils all three elements, then you have an exceptional bait that will be instantly attractive and also effective long term.  In fact, when you get the formulation right your results will get better and better as the carp recognise the nutritional benefit of the food (bait) you are giving them.  This is one of the important keys to catching really big fish consistently, as the more they want to eat your bait, the more confidently they feed and the easier they become to catch.

Of course, you don’t have to use boilies to catch carp.  A monster can be caught on a piece of plastic with a PVA bag, or a couple of grains of sweetcorn, or a zig rig and I fish that way when I think it is the best way to catch the fish I am after.  I’ve caught loads of carp using these tactics.   However, all the anglers I know who catch big fish consistently use good bait and by that I mean boilies.

Our baits have been developed over many years and thoroughly tested in every type of water.  Our experience in the formulation of ‘food’ baits is second to none and JB’s flavours are recognised by all in the know as the very best available.  Carp will instantly recognize these baits as good food, picking them up the first time they come across them and then searching the area until they have found every last one. I have always been driven by wanting to be the best and that also applies to bait. I won’t cut corners on quality and I go to great lengths to ensure that our baits are the very best available.

I am totally confident in saying that these are the very best quality and most effective baits available and you won’t find any better anywhere.