Big Carp | Hooks
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High performance, chemically sharpened hooks

SpecimenSPECIMEN:  Wide gape, strong wire, in-turned point and slightly in-turned eye. A superb hook that can be used anywhere. Excellent for big fish and snaggy waters.

Malisse finalMALISSE: Long shank, in-turned eye and straight point. Perfect for the ‘blow-back’ rig and pop-up presentations. An excellent hook for many modern rigs.

RiverRIVER: The River is a similar shape to the Serie 1 but with an extra strong wire to cope with powerful river fish and difficult, snaggy waters.

TTTOUT TERRAIN (TT): The TT has an extra strong short, curved shank which produces an extremely aggressive hooking angle making it perfect for modern anti-eject rigs.  An ideal choice for a fluorocarbon hook link.

Serie 1SERIE 1: Strong wire, in-turned eye and micro barb. In-turned point. The special shape and off-set design make the Serie 1 a very versatile, popular hook.

Serie 2SERIE 2: An extremely versatile hook with a special curved pattern and straight, needle sharp point. The Serie 2 is a fantastic hooker and a great all round hook.