Big Carp | Freezer or Fresh/Stabilised bait
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Freezer or Fresh/Stabilised bait

Freezer or Shelf-life baits?  by John Llewellyn

Given the choice I will always use fresh/freezer boilies.  However, there are situations when a fresh/stabilised boilie is a more convenient choice.


I’m ‘old school’ and I can’t get it out of my head that freezer baits must be better. However, our fresh/stabilised boilies are my prefered choice when I go abroad

We use exactly the same bait recipe and same, fresh ingredients in our fresh/stabilised baits as in our freezer baits. The only difference is the carefully controlled drying in a chamber with a dehumidifier to lower the moisture content to the optimum level, and the addition of a tiny amount of our food grade Conservabait. This doesn’t affect the smell, taste, nutritional qualities or the effectiveness of the bait but it keeps your bait fresh and in perfect condition without the need to freeze it for up to 3 weeks. It’s ideal for foreign trips when you don’t have a freezer and in fact I prefer it to freezing baits. Not only is it more convenient but defrosted baits are often wet and break up more easily out of the throwing stick. The fresh/stabilised baits remain firm, fresh and in perfect condition for the whole trip. What’s more, I can bring any unused bait home and put it in ther freezer ready for my next session. 

We have been using these baits for many years and results during our long term field tests have been exceptional.  In fact, we have noticed no difference at all in results between the fresh/stabilised baits and the freezer baits.  It isn’t surprising really when you realise that the nutritional and attractor profile of both baits are exactly the same!

We’ve caught literally hundreds, if not thousands, of carp on these baits and I am totally happy and confident to use the fresh/stabilised option for my foreign trips so that I can be totally confident in the quality of my bait and not worry about my bait going off.

Would I choose freezer baits for a long term baiting campaign? Yes.  Would I choose the convenience of fresh/stabilised baits for my foreign trips?  Yes.

Then I can be confident that my bait will stay fresh and in perfect condition, even in hot weather.    All our boilies are Freshly rolled to order and sent out the same day for next day delivery – unlike many other companies who roll and freeze for convenience! You won’t get fresher boilies than when you order your bait from us.  On delivery they can then go straight in the freezer.  You can also choose the Fresh/Stabilised option when you place your order and if you specify a delivery date, we will ensure delivery on the day you want. It’s best to give a day or two leeway in case of a delay with the courier. We use Interlink who provide a superb next day courier service but it’s best leave a small margin of error.

All deliveries must be signed for so it’s best to provide a work address if possible, or ensure somebody will be at the address to sign for the parcel.