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Formulated exclusively for Big Carp by John Baker. JB’s experience and knowledge in the formulation of flavours and attractors is second to none and this range of Big Carp flavours is the very best available today.  These unique flavours are also powerful attractors. Just a few millilitres of a Big Carp flavour combined with our additives and mixes, is all you need to make an exceptional carp catching bait.



The ideal measuring kit
With this kit of syringes, measuring beakers and spoon you have all the equipment you need to measure accurately our concentrated flavours and ingredients.

Measuring Kit

big carp flavoursFlavours Available:

Available in 50ml & 100ml bottles.


An amazing carp catching flavour and without doubt one of the best fruity flavours we have ever used.  Fruit Bomb is exceptional in any mix and at any time of year.


A powerful blend of an exceptional cream flavour and concentrated maple extract.  Maple Cream will catch carp anywhere and it is still one of my all-time favourite flavours.


A sophisticated, aromatic complex with a unique smell of fruits and spices.  Excellent in a birdfood mix, Cannon Juice is an extraordinary flavour that carp simply love.


Strong smell and taste of fresh salmon.  Méga Salmon is truly an exceptional flavour and without any dout one of the best ‘fishy’ flavours ever formulated.


A concentrated flavour with an intense creamy caramel smell and taste.  Developed over several years, the TM1 is fantastic combined with the Taste Mix and Taste Extract but it is also superb in a bird food, or a savoury mix.  Carp love the taste and smell of this unique flavour.


Powerful smell of rich, strong meat.  D88 is a fantastic flavour used with any of our mixes but it is truly exceptional with the the Hydro Liver Mix, BioMix Shellfish and the Taste Mix.  The D88 is great on its own but for a truly stunning savoury bait and one of my favourite combinations, try D88 and Mega Salmon flavours together with Bioextract and Salmon. This is a superb combination in the Hydro Liver mix or Taste mix.


‘the Orginal: This Big Carp Monster Crab flavour is the original, ultra powerful base flavour originally discovered by John Baker over 35 years ago.  There are many copies but none come anywhere near the effetivenes of this original.  Big Carp original Monster Crab flavour is without doubt one of the best carp catching flavours ever formulated.  Carp simply love it!


As you would expect from the name, our Red Hot flavor has a chilli hot kick and a very distinctive and spicy taste and smell. Rich in oleoresins, concentrated extract of chillies, paprika, Cajun spice and peppers. Red Hot is perfect in a fishmeal base mix like the BioMix Shellfish or Rapido. It is very strong and you only need a couple of mls per 5 eggs. Try combining Red Hot with our Hi-Spice Hot enhancer to make a fantastic spicy fishmeal bait.