Big Carp | David Coquillat
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David Coquillat

Hello! My name’s David, I’m 40 years old with two children, Lucas 9 and Louane 3. I’ve fished since I was 5 or 6 years old.  I started fishing for perch, roach and little fish in the ponds near my home.  Then it all changed when my father took me fishing for wild trout in the river Nièvre.  It was a real challenge to catch those wild fish but what a great feeling when I finally got one!  Then as a teenager my attention turned towards carp and also catfish, although I’ve never lost my passion for other types of fishing.  .For several years now I’ve had the honour of being the president of Team 58.  I am joint editor of the magazine 1max2pêche which specialises in carp and catfish.  I also love fishing for sturgeon and I have been fortunate to catch a true specimen over 2m long and weighing 75kgs. 

I look forward to meeting you on social media, at one of the shows, or better still on the banks of a big lake! 

Tight lines.


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