Big Carp | Food Boosts
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Food Boosts

The Food Boosts are bursting with amino acids and natural attractors. The taste and feed stimulants in these complex Boosters draw fish into the baited area and increase attraction around your hook bait.

These complex boosters are made from the same blend of flavours, natural extracts, hydrolysates and oils as used in our boilie recipes.  Pour a little Food Boost over your boilies and dip your hook bait before casting.  This creates a powerful ‘FOOD’ signal and enhances your bait’s attraction, stimulating the carp to feed.

PVA friendly and supplied in a squirty bottle for easy application into a PVA bag for example and the cap can be unscrewed to reveal a wide neck for dipping a hook bait, stick or stringer.

Food Boost Pouring


Results using the Food Boosts have been exceptional! Some of the ingredients used in these blends will stay in the ‘secret’ file but let’s just say that their effect on carp is very positive, stimulating their appetite and desire to feed. What’s more, they have a synergistic effect thanks to the combination of ribonucleotides, peptides and amino acids in these blends. The combined effect is to increase attraction and stimulate feeding activity.

The Food Boosts are thick and sticky and create an impressive area of attraction in the baited area and throughout the water column, drawing fish in that are moving in mid-water and encouraging them down to feed. Dip your hookbait before casting, use the Food Boost to prepare your ‘sticks’ and dip the whole stick for extra attraction.

John on Food Boosts

I often use a Food Boost to increase attraction, both for my freebies and for my hook baits. These complex Food Boosts are made from the same blend of flavours and liquid attractors used in our boilies so the food/attractor signal is perfectly matched to the boilies. The Food Boost creates a zone of attraction in the baited area that will draw fish in from a wide area and stimulate them to feed. It’s a very effective tactic for short sessions or for single hook baits.  

I use approx’ 15ml of liquid (a soup spoon) per kilo of boilies and shake well to cover all the baits. I usually do this an hour or so before baiting up to allow the boost to soak in. 

I usually simply dip my hookbait before casting but you can leave your hook baits soaking in the Food Boost which will further increase the attraction.

Top tips

Increase attraction of a single hook bait by wrapping it in a thin paste wrap and adding a small PVA bag of broken boilies, just 2 or 3 is enough. Dip the whole lot in the Food Boost. This creates a real ‘bomb’ of attraction and is a fantastic method for a quick bite and also excellent in colder water. 

Boost the attraction of your particles and also ‘sticks’ by using adding a little Food Boost. You can also dip a prepared ‘stick’ into the Food Boost to create a real ‘Stick Bomb’!

Fantastic attraction that I am totally confident using anywhere!