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Big Cat


We are working on a dedicated Big Cat website with all the information about our Big Cat range of bait and tackle, our Team, tips on how to get the best from our bait and much more. For the moment you can find everything about Big Cat here, on the Big Cat catfish section of our website: where to buy Big Cat products, product information, Big Cat Team England and so on…… 

If you would like more information, contact John Llewellyn at 

OILY HYBRIDS designed for Catfish “The Ultimate Catfish Bait”

The Oily Hybrid is a multi-level bait with a hard, cooked exterior (like a boilie) and a soft, soluble paste centre.  The soluble paste begins releasing flavours and attractors as soon as it is in the water, attracting fish immediately – fantastic attraction.  The hard, cooked exterior is exactly like a boilie, ensuring the durability of the Oily Hybrid bait which will stay intact for at least 15 to 20 hours, depending on small fish or crayfish activity.



Meet Team Big Cat England here

Oily Hybrids are a
 highly attractive, nutritionally balanced bait for catfish 

The Oily Hybrids are based on our fantastic BioMix Shellfish base mix, with added soluble proteins (HPSFE) and Robin Red.  The flavour combination is Monster Crab, Mega Salmon and HDD (an attractor blend of organic acids) which is awesome.  I also add Super Food which is a blend of natural extracts and essences that is bursting with free aminos and Salmon Oil.

Catfish are predators and have specific nutritional requirements. There is no doubt that the more a bait is nutritionally balanced to a fish’s specific needs, the more the fish will want to eat it it and they will actively search for it as an interesting food source.  This has been proven time and again with carp and applies equally to catfish.


You will find the complete range of Oily Hybrid products below

So you now have a bait specifically designed for catfish and not simply a carp bait with a ‘catfish’ label stuck on the bag !  

More information about the Oily Hybrid range below and for advice on any aspect of cat fishing you can always contact John Llewellyn or Dave Mutton

John Llewellyn:

Oily Hybrid Enhanced Hook Baits

These Hi-Attract Oily Hybrid hook baits have enhanced levels of the Oily Hybrid flavour/attractor package ensuring a strong smell and taste. Unlike the ‘multi-level’ Oily Hybrids which have a paste centre, these hook baits are cooked right through so that they remain intact and effective for a long period (at least 48h).


Nuggets 24mm & 30mm


Pop-Ups 24mm & 30mm


Extra Bouyant Fluo Pop-Ups mixed 24mm & 30mm

Bait Sauce & Boost UK 

Hook Bait Booster Dip & Bait Sauce

HOOK BAIT BOOSTER DIP: thick, sticky and bursting with the attractors, natural extracts and oils used in the Oily Hybrids.  Cats will be drawn in by the attractive cloud around the hook bait . PVA friendly, so you can add to a PVA bag or dip in a stringer.

BAIT SAUCE: our Oily Oily Hybrid flavour/attractor combination on a fresh salmon oil base.  Simply pour this specialist ‘Bait Sauce’ over your freebies before baiting up.  This will create an impressive area of attraction and the ‘FOOD’ signal will draw in catfish from a long way.   Ideal over the Oily Hybrids and the Big Cat Bait Sauce is fantastic over all types of bait: Frolic, pellets, boilies…

Big Cat Pellets

Mix of 16 & 22mm Catfish pellets enhanced with our Oily Hybrid flavours and attractor complex.

Oily Hybrid Carpet Feed

Combination of Ground Oily Hybrids and attractors that create a cloud and column of attraction that will draw cats into the area and stimulate them to feed

Big Cat Session Bucket & Trial Pack

Choice of two sizes of Big Cat bucket with a selection of Oily Hybrid products

Session Bucket

Perfect for a weekend session: 1.5kg mix 24 & 30mm Oily Hybrids, 2kg Cat Pellets, 125ml Food Boost, trial bags of ‘Enhanced’ Nuggets, Pop-Ups & Fluopops.

Trial Pack

1kg mix 24 & 30mm Oily Hybrids, 100ml Food Boost and trial bags Nuggets, Pop-Ups & Fluopops