Big Carp | Andy Chambers
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Andy Chambers


I am 23 years old and currently live in Surrey. I have been fishing for around 16 years and have focused on carp for about 11 years. I normally fish day ticket fisheries due to my work and shift pattern which means that I don’t have time to visit the lakes before I do a session to prebait etc. A lot of my fishing last year was done abroad in France and I have 6 one week trips over there booked for this year.

I’ve had 2 30’s in England and an uncountable amount of 20’s. The biggest carp I’ve caught has obviously been in France and was 47lb however I’m aiming to beat that this year with all my trips I have. I usually do 48+ hour sessions and tend to do quick over-nighters in the summer.

I am excited to be a part of the Big Carp Team and use really top quality baits that will give me a real edge in my fishing.