Big Carp | Amorce and Graines
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Amorce and Graines

Amorce & Graines

Increase the attraction of particles, groundbaits and ‘sticks’.

A complex combination of our CSL, sugars, amino acids and natural extracts.
Add a soup spoon (approx’ 15ml) per kilo of dry particles to the water in which you soak the particles.  Or, add 15ml per kilo of dry ground bait, to the water used in preparation.  Amorce et Graines can also be used to enhance all particles before using and is also excellent as a dip for your hook bait before casting. As with all of our Bingo range, Amorce & Graines is PVA friendly so you can use in a PVA bag, or dip a ‘stick’ straight in it which is a great tactic in difficult conditions and to get a quick bite. 350ml bottle.